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Train your tax team to use PDF editing software, such as Adobe® Acrobat® Standard, to add tick marks, comments, and annotations to digital workpapers.  It’s easier than you think and a little training goes a long way.

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Moving to a paperless tax workflow is a matter of efficiency. There’s no reason you can’t work with digital tax workpapers the same way you would with paper ones. Training your staff to use software tools that make it easy to work with electronic documents will make a difference in time savings during tax season.

One of the most basic software tools available to your firm is PDF viewing and editing programs, like Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat Standard and Pro products allow you to leverage the types of functionalities you need to make tick marks, comments, and annotations on the electronic workpapers. (To learn exactly which product does what, see this detailed list of Adobe Reader vs. Acrobat capabilities)

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