Organize LITE

Organize LITE is a low-cost, entry-level solution that makes converting to a paperless office easy by including all the features and benefits of the standard Organize product, except there is no human validation. The turnaround time is just a few minutes, so you can even process documents while your client waits.


Digital work papers are a quick scan away. The time-consuming process of arranging client tax papers in the proper order is a thing of the past. Regardless of the order documents are scanned, Organize returns a single bookmarked, indexed, searchable PDF. Organize is an easy-to-use, accurate and affordable paperless solution.

Populate LITE

Use technology to get a head start on your client’s return. Scan and send client’s tax documents through Populate LITE and OCR extracts federal form data into a user-friendly review tool. Revisions are typically required. Populate LITE easily handles 80% of data entry.


Populate accurately extracts information from scanned client documents and inserts it into leading tax preparation software. Frees up tax preparers time to focus on what’s important: providing tax expertise, service and customer satisfaction.

Trade Details

Trades saves hours and even days of data entry by extracting information from scanned consolidated brokerage statements and Forms 1099B and inserting the details directly into your tax software.

Trade Summary

Don’t want all the trade details from the Brokerage statement or 1099-B? Trade Summary extracts just the category totals for easy population into any tax software. Totals are reviewed for accuracy by GruntWorx and are provided back to you in a standard Microsoft Excel file.

Christina LaelLael Tax Services Inc.
Gruntworx transformed my business. Made tax preparation so much easier and more accurate. Since it populates the software automatically instead of entering info manually, I am confident the information is accurate. Also, I have an electronic record of the source documents that is organized beautifully. This program also saved me so much time! I love, love, love, love GruntWorx! I sing its praises all the time.
Chuck BowersCA Chuck Bowers
GruntWorx saves money, time, and paper. Makes organizing a non-issue.
Robert La Velle
I wish I had woken up sooner (to GW). Because a colleague went out of business and referred a lot of work my way, this was the first tax season that I found myself thinking that, “gee, I could use an employee (to do the grunt work).” I think GW will be the answer to that, going forward. It was a relief, late in the season, to hand off the tedious data entry work.
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Using GruntWorx with:
  • Intuit Lacerte
  • CCH Axcess
  • CCH ProSystemFX
  • UltraTax CS
  • Drake
  • GoSystem Tax RS
  • GruntWorx Organize & Trades with any tax software

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