What is Populate LITE?

Populate LITE is designed to give customers the benefit of automating Form 1040 data entry, but with a do-it-yourself product featuring a quicker turnaround time and lower cost. Populate LITE users still receive an organized, bookmarked, and searchable PDF, as well as an XML file with extracted data to import directly into the client’s return.

Key Features:

  • Self-validated product
  • Turnaround time in minutes
  • Lower cost!
  • Use at your own pace
  • Bookmarked, searchable PDF
  • Import file of client’s extracted data

What is the Difference between Populate and Populate LITE?

The major difference between Populate and Populate LITE is how the accuracy of the output is validated. Whereas Populate is reviewed by US-based GruntWorx human validation specialists, Populate LITE is validated by the customer in a user-friendly application specifically designed by GruntWorx. With it’s web-based UI, users are able to quickly and accurately review data at their own pace.

Populate vs populate lite.

Populate LITE with Trades Summary

Populate LITE with Trades Summary is for tax professionals who want to automate data entry for 1040 returns and trade summaries but prefer self-validation products, like Organize LITE and Populate LITE. Here’s why users choose Populate LITE with Trades Summary:

  • Ability to input Trades Summary data for import into supported tax software
  • Users can input short-term, long-term and undetermined covered and non-covered trade totals directly into Populate LITE
  • Self-validated
  • Ready for validation in minutes
  • Trades summary is included at no extra cost with the Populate LITE product.

Populate LITE with Trades Details

The newest solution from GruntWorx, Trades LITE, allows users to have the benefit of capital gains automation – without the cost. Submit a Populate LITE with Trade Details job to automate Schedule D/8949 data entry. Whether your client has 5, 50 or 500 stock transactions, Trades LITE will extract them and have them ready for your review in just minutes!

How much does Populate LITE cost?

Populate LITE will cost $0.20/page submitted.

How do I get started?

New customers activate your account for a free trial, which includes a $40 credit to test out Populate LITE. If you want some help learning to use Populate LITE, we offer FREE demonstrations and webinars.

What if I’m already a GruntWorx customer?

Current customers can access the Populate LITE product using your existing GruntWorx interface and inventory.

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Key Features:

  • Do-It-Yourself automated data entry product
  • Ready for review in minutes
  • Check and edit data in a user-friendly web-based application
  • Lowest Cost Populate solution

Populate LITE within Drake Quick Start Guide
Populate LITE with Supported Software Quick Start Guide

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