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Organize Vs. Populate: How to Choose Automation Software

Organize Vs. Populate: How to Choose Automation Software

The 2023 tax season is officially underway, so saving time in your tax-office workflow is more important than ever.

Automation software can help cut down on tedious data entry and organization. Each practice has its own staffing and automation needs, so let’s take a look at two different kinds of software that can boost efficiency in your tax office.

Quickly compile digital and physical documents with automated organization

As much as the world may be shifting to digital records, most clients will likely send you a mix of paper and digital documents. Automated organization makes collecting these documents simple.

Instead of spending precious man hours making sure paperwork is scanned in order (and right side up), you can simply scan the documents and leave sorting to the software.

For example, GruntWorx Organize identifies, organizes, and labels your scanned materials into a PDF file. Your client’s name will be displayed on each bookmark, helping you quickly find and review documents quickly as you prepare their return.

Learn more about GruntWorx Organize.

Reduce time spent on data entry after scanning with automated population

Population software goes one step further, making data entry a part of the automated process. It identifies and extracts crucial information from documents on file, then populates your tax software as needed.

GruntWorx Populate takes manual data entry off your plate, automatically importing data into leading tax preparation software. Best of all, operating the software does not require familiarity with the tax documents, which means that staff can accomplish data entry without needing tax document experience.

Learn more about GruntWorx Populate.

Scale your automation software to your tax practice’s budget and needs

Depending on the size of your office and the volume of returns you prepare each year, a full software package might not be the best option.

Both GruntWorx Organize and Populate have alternate versions: Organize LITE and Populate LITE. With these options, you can choose automation software that best suits the needs of your tax office and staff.

Learn more about GruntWorx Organize LITE and GruntWorx Populate LITE.

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