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3 Must-Have Features for Last-Minute Tax Prep Automation

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As Tax Day approaches, professionals like yourself are battening down the hatches and calling all hands on deck to prepare for one of the busiest months of the tax season.

Hiring new staff at the last minute can quickly become overwhelming. Automation software can ease your workload significantly, and the right automation software can be a game changer for your practice.

Here are three features to look for as you shop for automation software ahead of the April deadline.

Flexible pricing options without upfront costs or commitments

This late in the tax season, automation software that doesn’t lock you into contracts or a certain number of returns is ideal. After all, depending on your practice, you could be wrapping up your clients’ returns as soon as next month. Why pay for an expensive annual plan or sign a contract for just a few weeks of service? 

Flexibility is precisely why GruntWorx charges on a per-page, per-form, or per-trade basis (depending on which service you choose). With no upfront costs, fees, or commitments, your GruntWorx package is a perfect fit–and any funds you add to your account will never expire as long as your account remains active.

Integration with your current tax software

You certainly don’t want to invest in automation software only to find out after the fact that it doesn’t integrate with your tax preparation systems. You also want to make sure that the integration process is accessible and easy to understand.

To ensure this, we provide webinars that demonstrate how GruntWorx Organize, Populate, and Trades function with your tax software. These webinars are available now and into April as well, and you don’t have to be a GruntWorx user to attend.

Pricing clarity before your software purchase

Purchasing software for tax prep without realizing the actual expense is no fun any time of the year; in April, it can become a nightmare.

To eliminate pricing headaches, we’ve developed a simple GruntWorx price calculator so you can determine the cost of a job before submitting it. Since you pay by the page, form, or trade, you can get an estimated quote quickly before making any commitments.

Get GruntWorx in your corner for end-of-season tax prep

It’s not too late to add GruntWorx to your tool belt. You can still get a free GruntWorx trial, or jump straight in and Buy GruntWorx today.

Let’s finish tax season strong together!

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