GruntWorx Security & Compliance

All firms should be concerned about security and compliance regarding their client’s data. Learn the key security safeguards to look for when considering adding Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions into your workflow.

IRC Section 7216 Compliant
Tax professionals using GruntWorx products to prepare returns are not required to have clients sign written consent forms to use or disclose tax data.

The use of GruntWorx products is permitted as a tax preparer to tax preparer disclosure described in Treasury Regulations Section 301.7216-2(d)(1), since all GruntWorx service providers are located in the United States and GruntWorx provides an auxiliary service in connection with the preparation of tax returns that does not provide the substantive determinations of advice affecting the tax liability reported by taxpayers.

SSAE 16 Type II Security Examination
GruntWorx features certified SSAE 16 Type II security, wit annual reviews of its operations, systems, technology, facilities, and personnel management, in order to thoroughly validate its ability to securely handle client data.


SaaS solutions provide users with easy-to-use and innovative offerings that help firms provide real-time service to their clients—at a comfortable price point. Strong value propositions, healthy ROIs, and easily deployable solutions are all fueling the SaaS boom. However, as SaaS becomes more mainstream, the profession is demanding that vendors continue to raise the bar on internal controls to ensure the security of data outside the firm’s office, as well as compliance with all regulations.

Learn about the standards for security and compliance by which to measure SaaS vendors.

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