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3 Essential Personalities on a Remote-Ready Accounting Team

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With the widespread growth in the remote work trend, even the accounting profession has made a significant shift. The thought of adapting workflows, technologies, and processes to seamlessly support work from anywhere may be daunting, but the benefits of hiring professionals around the country are hard to deny–our white paper, 3 Steps to Ensure Success, explores the benefits of hiring remotely.

Today, we'll focus on one section included in this resource and explore how to foster the right team dynamics for successful remote work.

Crafting the Ideal Team for Remote Success

Change is difficult, and especially so when you need investments in hardware and software. Add that to additional stressors that come with shifts in the workplace, and it becomes quickly apparent that the journey to a thriving remote firm starts with designating key roles and assembling the right team. 

Technology planning teams will ensure your business’ success as you transition, especially the following three personalities pulled directly from 3 Steps to Ensure Success:

  • The Champion. For any firm-wide project to succeed, you need a Champion. This person has political capital throughout the firm, is persuasive in meetings, and encourages forward motion despite opposition or roadblocks. Your Champion should have a high enough position in the firm to drive adoption and interest, as well as understand the business case for the project. Their role is to provide resources and eliminate barriers to success. This may be a partner if they have a commitment to the project and communication skills. If not, find another Champion who understands why the firm needs to support remote work, automation and streamlined processes long term and get them on board.

  • The Team Lead. Your Team Lead drives execution of the initiative by ensuring that things get done. This person is a team builder with project management skills and a high level of responsibility and accountability. The Team Lead needs to be passionate about your initiative in order to meet and overcome challenges.

  • The Cross-Functional Team. Your team will come from every area of the firm that will be affected by the changes you are implementing. They understand the needs and frustrations of their coworkers and actually know how to get the work done. For these purposes, at least one member of the team will need to come from your IT department, but they may also come from Administration, Assurance, Tax, or CAS. 

How GruntWorx Facilitates Hybrid and Virtual Teams

As you prepare for a remote-ready firm, GruntWorx is a valuable member of the team. With our scan-and-fill technology, you can streamline tax return preparation for both on-site and virtual teams. Hybrid workplaces benefit from our plug-and-play solution, which seamlessly integrates into existing processes and software–significantly reducing the time spent on the tedious aspects of tax preparation.

Embracing the Future with Confidence

Remote work is not a temporary shift; it's the future of the accounting profession. With the right people in your corner, this shift doesn’t have to be overwhelming–and GruntWorx is here to help you get it done.

Learn more about adapting your business to a remote or hybrid model in 3 Steps to Ensure Success and explore how GruntWorx can support your success with a free webinar.

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