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Year-End Preparations for a Successful Tax Season

December blog post

All is merry and bright this time of year, and for tax professionals like yourself, busy also gets added to the list.

As you prepare for the 2023 tax season, here are a few tips to set you up for success.

Warm up your clients a reminder to send tax documents in January

Consider sending a cheerful holiday message with a reminder that you will be in your clients’ corner during tax season. No one really wants to think about taxes during the last month of the year, but remembering how well you handled their returns last year should inspire confidence and a sense of security (and a mental note to look out for emails from you in January).

Strategize your workflow by choosing which tools you’ll use in 2023

Not sure whether to hire more workers or look into automation software? Workflow is all about balance and optimization–and the tools that work to get that done are different for everyone. 

To help you choose resources as you design the upcoming season’s workflow, check out our blog post Staff or Automate? How to Build Out Your Tax Prep Business.

Get all your software set up before the new year begins

Once you’ve reached out to your clients and settled on a workflow, take one more thing off your tax-season to-do list and purchase or renew your software. For help with choosing automation software, check out our blog post Choosing Automation Software for the Upcoming Tax Season.

Once you’ve made your purchase, getting familiar with the system (or reviewing it, if you plan to renew) is a great way to warm up–and if you have new hires, you can begin training before the season starts in earnest.

We want to show you how GruntWorx can boost your success in 2023!

Here at GruntWorx, our goal is to take the tedious, time-consuming parts of tax prep out of the way so that you can focus on client relationships, staff management, marketing, and more. 

To learn how GruntWorx can help your tax practice, check out our products page or catch one of our webinars

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