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What Makes GruntWorx Great? Here’s What Users are Saying

What Makes GruntWorx Great? Here’s What Users are Saying

Each month, we review issues and ideas in automation, import, and organization for your tax office–including the ways that GruntWorx can help. Now, we want to give a few of our users the spotlight to talk about GruntWorx features that they love.

Accuracy of Imported Data

For Christina Lael, accuracy is key. 

“Gruntworx transformed my business [and] made tax preparation so much easier and more accurate,” she says. “Since it populates the software automatically instead of entering info manually, I am confident the information is accurate. Also, I have an electronic record of the source documents that is organized beautifully.”

Peace of mind is a huge factor for Christina, as are the hours she’s gotten back in her work day. “This program also saved me so much time!” she says. “I love, love, love, love GruntWorx! I sing its praises all the time.”

Learn more about GruntWorx Organize.

Efficiency for Workflow and Budget

“GruntWorx saves money, time, and paper,” says Chuck Bowers. “Makes organizing a non-issue.”

We couldn’t have summed up GruntWorx better ourselves. 

Learn more about GruntWorx Organize LITE.

Workload Solutions via Automation

Robert La Velle started using GruntWorx when his workload increased suddenly, and he hasn’t looked back.

“I wish I had woken up sooner [to GruntWorx],” says Robert. “Because a colleague went out of business and referred a lot of work my way, this was the first tax season that I found myself thinking, ‘Gee, I could use an employee.’ I think GruntWorx will be the answer to that, going forward. It was a relief, late in the season, to hand off the tedious data entry work.”

Learn more about GruntWorx Populate.

Ready to see for yourself? Try GruntWorx for free

Here at GruntWorx, we want to support your tax office for a successful season, no matter the size of your business. To see how we can be a solution for your document organization and data-entry needs, get a GruntWorx free trial today!

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