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Walk Clients Through IRS Letters with This Interactive Tool

July blog post

No one likes getting mail from the IRS, but as a preparer, you know that not every official letter or notice is an automatic sign of an audit. Your clients, on the other hand, may have a lot of internalized fear surrounding mail from the IRS. 

Much of that is likely fear of the unknown, so let’s look at a tool that you can use to walk your clients through the IRS process.

Meet the Taxpayer Advocate Service Roadmap

As an independent organization within the IRS, the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is like a friend on the inside. They have developed an interactive digital webpage that details the flow of the IRS tax return process, where certain letters and notices may be triggered during that process, and how to proceed if a user has received mail from the IRS.

Overcome client fear by mapping out the unknown

Let’s use an example: Your client has received Notice CP14, meaning that they have a balance due of more than $5. While that information may seem intimidating, you can show them on the roadmap that a CP14 is just the first step of the collections process and can be resolved quite simply. 

Even disputing the Notice CP14 is shown on the Roadmap–if you believe the notice to be in error, the arrows guide you to a section outside of Collections to show the disputation process. 

Whichever direction you go, there are explanations and links to more info and next steps. A letter or notice no longer seems like a bottomless pit of unknown, and your clients may be more likely to reach out to you in a timely fashion when they receive IRS mail.

Build client trust with a peek behind the curtain

While some of your clients may prefer to be as hands-off as possible with all of their tax information, using the TAS Roadmap during your meetings or in email correspondence is still a good call. Clients can see that there is a process at work–albeit a complex one–and feel confident knowing you are their person on the inside.

GruntWorx loves tax paperwork (so you don’t have to)

At GruntWorx, our goal is to put tools in your hands to improve your workflow and build your client base. Tools like the TAS Roadmap help nurture your clients so they come back year after year–and GruntWorx is ready to help you handle those clients’ tax documents.

Want to see what we can do to make your tax season easier? Join us in person or virtually to discuss how GruntWorx technology can streamline your tax practice, and be sure to take advantage of our summer sales!

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