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The 2020 CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice Awards Have Arrived

GruntWorx gets the highest rating for Workflow Tools!

For 16 years, CPA Practice Advisor has surveyed tax professionals to learn what they thought about the tax preparation tools they’ve been using. With all of the 2020 votes in, respondents gave GruntWorx the highest rating in the Other Workflow Tools category.

According to CPA Practice Advisor, Other Workflow Tools designates products that “are designed for aiding in specific tasks and engagements and for smaller firms.” GruntWorx specializes in eliminating the tedious aspects of preparing a tax return—document organization and data entry—making it an ideal addition to offices of any size.

Unlike traditional tax preparation software, GruntWorx is not locally installed on office computers. Instead, users sign in to their online account to choose the tax automation product they need for any given tax return. Let’s take a look at the products that helped GruntWorx earn such high praise from the survey respondents.

Document Organization

GruntWorx Organize is a product that is dedicated to automating client tax document organization. As you’re well aware, many taxpayers take a creative approach to sorting their tax documents. It inevitably falls upon your office to arrange that paperwork in the order required to efficiently prepare the return.

To take advantage of Organize, you simply scan those tax papers and submit them to GruntWorx. You’re returned a PDF that is bookmarked and indexed in the order of a Form 1040, and its accuracy is validated by human staff. (For a faster turn-around time, you can choose Organize LITE, which does not have human validation.) While digital document organization is an essential part of streamlining office workflow, it isn’t the only tool in the GruntWorx tool belt.

Data-Entry Automation

Manual data entry is a time-consuming, tedious task that for years tax professionals have simply accepted as the way things are. Just like when computer-based spreadsheets streamlined the landscape of accounting, tax automation platforms promise to reshape the way tax pros approach each tax return. And that’s where GruntWorx Populate and GruntWorx Trades come in.

Populate takes those scanned documents and uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract the information needed to prepare a return, conveniently making it import-ready for your tax preparation software. Trades does something similar, taking data from consolidated brokerage statements and

With GruntWorx, you only pay for what you use. That means you get the flexibility you need and expect to have a successful, more efficient filing season. And if you want to see for yourself why CPA Practice Advisor’s readers voted GruntWorx the best specialized workflow tool, consider signing up for a free trial. (You even get $40 to spend on GruntWorx services without any commitments—and that money never expires.)

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Source: CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice Awards

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