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Tax Season Pain Points Still Fresh? Check Your Workflow

Tax Season Pain Points Still Fresh? Check Your Workflow

It’s no question that 2022 has been an exhausting year for tax preparers. Between new regulations, tax breaks, and IRS delays, preparers have had to adapt to a brave new world of rules–and bearing the brunt of taxpayer frustration.

As we move into post-Tax-Day calm (relative calm, at least), pain points from the season are still fresh. Today, we’re looking at four common pain points and how to address them to strengthen workflow in 2023.

Inconsistency in client paperwork

When tax season rolls around, your clients depend on you to be the expert. That means it’s up to you to make sense of their “shoebox,” whether that’s digital, print, or a mixture of both.

Organizing those documents to begin your preferred workflow takes time. It’s no wonder that inconsistency with client paperwork is such a common pain point.

Fortunately, GruntWorx has a solution. Our Organize product standardizes workflow with consistently-organized tax workpapers—no matter what order the documents were scanned in.

Low productivity due to document shuffling

Once you get all of a client’s paperwork, the tedious process of organizing each piece of info before scanning it into your software can be overwhelming. You could put in hours of work before even filing the return.

Organize provides an automated process for arranging and bookmarking scanned tax documents–no more time-consuming manual labor organizing client documents before scanning them into your software. Our PDF output is bookmarked in the same order every time, so you can scan without organizing the documents beforehand.

No time to train knowledgeable staff

Hiring staff to help with your preparation business is tricky. You know you need the extra hands, but there’s only so much you can delegate to others who don’t have your tax savvy.

Using our Organize product, your support staff can scan and automatically index client source documents without needing filing expertise. This allows you to focus on high value activities like customer service and interaction.

Got pain points? Get GruntWorx.

Hopefully we won’t have as difficult a tax season as 2022 for many years to come. Regardless of what the future holds, GruntWorx is here to help manage your in-season needs.

We’ve focused on our Organize product today, but we have even more amazing tools to help you process your clients’ returns. Whether you go for Organize Lite, Populate, or even Trades, we have many great options to choose from. Be sure to check out our Products page for more information.


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