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Most tax professionals agree that scanning tax documents is more productive than the alternative—hours in front of the copy machine, burning through reams of paper. But the real question is not to scan or not to scan—it’s when to scan. There are two basic camps of firms that have already incorporated scanning into their workflows:  firms that scan on the front-end and firms that scan on the back-end.

When you scan sets the stage for the level of efficiency gains your firm can realize as a result. Firms that scan tax documents on the front-end position themselves for a completely automated and highly efficient paperless tax preparation process, whereas firms that scan on the back-end lay the foundation for electronic archival.

Take a look at our scanning resources to find out what’s best for your firm.

GruntWorx Recommended Scanners

Choosing an appropriate scanner for your office can be challenging. After all, you’ll need a solution that meets both quality and productivity standards. With many different choices on the market, how will you decide which is right for your office?

To help guide you in your selection, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks in scanner solutions. Ranging from 30 to 50+ pages per minute, use the specs below to help determine which scanner best meets your needs.

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Ricoh SP-1130Ne
Max Long Page Scannings 8.5” x 14”
Minimum 2.0” x 2.9”
Long Page: 120”
30 ppm
60 ipm
Up to 4,500 pages

Ricoh ScanSnap ix-1300
Max: 8.5” x 14”
Minimum: 2” x 2”
30 ppm
Up to 6,000 pages

Ricoh ScanSnap ix-1400
Max: 8.5” x 14.17”
Min: 2” x 2”
Long page: 3,000 mm
40 ppm
Up to 6,000 pages

Ricoh ScanSnap ix-1600
Max: 8.5” x 14.17”
Min: 2” x 2”
Long Page: 3,000 mm
Smart Device: 863 mm (Duplex), 1,726 mm (Simplex)
40 ppm
Up to 6,000 pages

Ricoh fi-8170
Max: 8.5” x 14”
Min: 1.9” x 2”
Long Page: 240”
70 ppm
Up to 10,000 pages

Ricoh fi-7600
Max: 12” x 17”
Min: 2” x 2.7”
Long Page: 220”
100 ppm
Up to 44,000 pages

Canon DR-M260
Min: 2″x 2.1″
Max: 8.5″x 118.1″
Mono 60 ppm
Color 60 ppm
Up to 7,000 pages

Canon R40re
Min: 2″x 2.1″
Max: 8.5″x 118″
Mono 40 ppm
Color 30 ppm
Up to 4,000 pages

Canon DR-C225 II
Min: 2″x 2.76″
Max: 8.5″x 118.1″
Mono 25 ppm
Color 25 ppm
Up to 1,500 pages

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