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Rebuilding Client Records After Disaster Strikes

Rebuilding Client Records After Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes–from natural disasters to house fires and beyond–rebuilding records and calculating loss from the damage may not be the first things on your clients’ minds. 

However, calculating loss and piecing critical paperwork back together will be vital when tax season comes back around. Here are some pointers to help your clients recover records and protect them in the future.

Note which records are accessible online

Many vital records are easily accessible through the internet. If you have a new client that has not filed with you in the past, for instance, you can have them pull tax transcripts from

Beyond tax records, your clients can usually go online to get past financial statements from credit card companies or banks. 

Collect uncommon records from title companies, contractors, and more

Some paperwork is less accessible but still available with a little extra effort.

For example, homeowners looking for info on their property can contact the title company, escrow company, or bank that handled the home purchase; contractors are also good to contact for home improvement details.

Scan any physical records and back them up digitally

Once you’ve collected the needed records, it’s time to secure them digitally in one place–and for any tax-related documents, GruntWorx is the tool to have. 

You can make quick work of your clients’ “shoebox” by automatically organizing, bookmarking, and labeling scanned tax documents. 

Recovering from disaster is a slow and steady process, and with GruntWorx, you can be a resource in your clients’ corner.

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