GruntWorx Organize LITE

Affordable solution for all tax offices and tax software programs. Scan in the client’s source documents and get back digital work papers sorted and organized in a matter of minutes.

A quick and easy solution to automatically convert scanned tax documents into digital work papers that are organized, bookmarked and labelled.

Organize LITE is a low-cost, entry-level solution that makes converting to a paperless office easy by including all the features and benefits of the standard Organize product but without human validation. The turnaround time is just a few minutes, so you can process forms while your client waits.


  • Adds Convenience. Just submit a high-quality scan to receive an organized PDF in minutes.
  • Reduce Clutter. Reclaim office floor space that was once occupied with rows of heavy filing cabinets by going paperless.
  • Improves Record Retention. Find client documents faster and find specific documents with fast full text search.
  • Increase Client Satisfaction. Deliver an organized PDF instead of a stack of papers to your clients with their completed tax return.

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