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Is Self-Service Automation Right for Your Tax Practice?

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As you explore our products and services here at GruntWorx®, you may have noticed that they are separated into two groups: Self-service and full-service. While it may seem counterintuitive to offer “self-service” automation solutions, we believe you will find these products can do wonders for your tax practice.

Today, let’s look at the benefits and characteristics of self-service products–and look out for another post coming soon about our full-service products!

What is a self-service product?

When you purchase any GruntWorx product, the name of the game is automation. Our award-winning AI uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to pull information from your scanned documents. 

Self-service products get the same incredible OCR capabilities, but since AI technology isn’t always perfect, accuracy checks are up to your team. Our self-service products come with a handy review tool that streamlines the data-checking and review process; with this software in hand, your team can focus on precision instead of time-consuming data entry.

Do GruntWorx trade import tools work with self-serve products?

Yes! GruntWorx Trade Details can be added to Populate LITE at no additional cost, and Trade Summary is included. Get streamlined data entry for capital gains taxes with automation for Brokerage Statements, Brokerage Summaries, and Forms 1099-B.

  • Trade Import Details: GruntWorx Trades

  • Trade Import Summary: GruntWorx Trades Summary

Choosing the right products for your tax practice

Our self-service products are designed to put time back on the clock that you can use for data accuracy, keeping up with tax law changes, and building client relationships.

  • Looking for a document management solution? Check out GruntWorx Organize LITE.

  • Looking for an automated data entry solution? Check out GruntWorx Populate LITE.

As you explore our automation solutions, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience. See how GruntWorx can meet your data entry and organizational needs with a free trial!

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