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GruntWorx Wins a CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice Award!

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It always nice to hear that you’re doing a good job, especially when it comes from customers. In the CPA Practice Advisor 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards, respondents said GruntWorx tax automation products were the best in Other Workflow Tools.

But just what does “other workflow tools” mean?

CPA Practice Advisor explains that the Other Workflow Tools category includes products that “are designed for aiding in specific tasks and engagements and for smaller firms.” While GruntWorx Organize, Populate, and Trades do specialize in automating specific aspects of tax return preparation, our OCR-based[1] software provides a scalable solution for time-consuming, manual tasks.

Let’s take a brief look at how our award-winning products can streamline workflow in your tax office.

Organize and Organize LITE provide tax professionals an alternative to manually sorting the tax documents that clients cram into a shoebox every filing season. When you send scanned client documents to GruntWorx, they are automatically converted into a searchable PDF that is bookmarked in the order of a Form 1040 return. US-based GruntWorx validation specialists confirm the accuracy of each Organize job, but tax pros who want a faster turnaround time at a lower price point can choose Organize LITE.

Populate and Trades take information from scanned client tax documents and convert it into an import-ready format, potentially saving hours keying returns. Populate imports Form 1040 information directly into most professional tax preparation software packages, and Trades creates a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet from scanned Forms 1099-B and consolidated brokerage statements. Like Organize, Populate and Trades are verified by our specialists—so, you can count on the security and accuracy of each job you get back.

Want to learn more about streamlining your workflow with GruntWorx? You have options!

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Source: CPA Practice Advisor 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards

[1] Optical character recognition software is designed to convert information on a scanned page into a manipulatable digital format. For GruntWorx products, that means pulling data from certain scanned tax forms for import into tax preparation software.

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