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GruntWorx Again Completes SSAE 18 Examination

At a time when reading about retail stores, social media platforms, and credit reporting agencies being affected by data breaches is becoming commonplace, knowing whether a company takes data security seriously can ultimately influence customer purchases. When it comes to businesses handling taxpayers’ financial information, it’s doubly important that data is protected from identity thieves and cybercriminals. That’s why GruntWorx once again completed the AICPA’s Standards for Attestation Engagements Number 18 (SSAE 18) Type 2 SOC 1 examination.

To help subservice providers adequately protect the financial information they handle, the AICPA created SSAE 18 Type 2 SOC 1. Granted, that’s a mouthful that sound extremely technical—a predictable side effect of having a string of unfamiliar initialisms thrown at you—but here’s the gist: this standard helps companies offering B2B financial services review the internal processes they have in place for protecting customer data.

While this marks the second year GruntWorx has completed the SSAE 18 examination—it replaced SSAE 16 two years ago—the company has been following SSAE standards since 2010. GruntWorx understands their responsibility to safeguard client data, and that’s why, for almost a decade, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our internal security and data-handling protocols are top notch.

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