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Choosing Automation Software for the Upcoming Tax Season

Choosing Automation Software for the Upcoming Tax Season

Just on the other side of the holidays, tax season is ready to jump into action. Tax pros know that time is precious from January to April, and choosing automation software now will save you precious hours down the road (not to mention cutting down on the time it takes to process returns).

To help you decide what automation software would best serve you and your practice in 2023, here is an overview of all the products GruntWorx has to offer.

Scan and organize your client shoeboxes in one step with GruntWorx Organize

With back-end sorting of client source documents and human validation of the process, it’s no wonder that Organize is our flagship product. Documents can be scanned in any order, and once they have been verified by our team, are produced in a single PDF that is searchable, bookmarked, and indexed. 

Since all of the organization is done in the background after you scan the documents, you can spend more time gaining new clients and nurturing the ones you have. 

Learn more about GruntWorx Organize.

Get an entry-level automation solution with GruntWorx Organize LITE

Not ready to commit to the full Organize product? Organize LITE is just the thing you need. It has all the same features except human validation, and turnaround time for the indexed PDF is just a few minutes. 

Knowing that, you could receive client documents and process the PDF during the same appointment!

Learn more about GruntWorx Organize LITE.

Fill out client returns in a snap with GruntWorx Populate

Once your client “shoeboxes” are converted to a digital format, Populate gets to work. This program puts more time in your corner by extracting data and inserting it into your tax software. Just think of how much that would free up your schedule for client appointments and outreach!

Learn more about GruntWorx Populate.

Cut the tedium of compiling trade documents with GruntWorx Trades

Individual brokerage statements and Forms 1099B can be a nightmare for any tax practice, but fortunately, GruntWorx Trades is a dream come true. Once those documents are scanned and digitized, Trades pulls information from those PDFs and inserts it directly into your tax software–which could save you hours and even days of data entry!

Learn more about GruntWorx Trades.

Want guidance on using GruntWorx with your tax software? Catch a free webinar!

That’s right–our helpful webinars will show you how GruntWorx integrates with top tax software products, including Intuit Lacerte and Drake Software. Check out our webinar page for more details.

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