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3 Ways to Streamline Tax Prep in 2023

3 Ways to Streamline Tax Prep in 2023

Now that we’ve passed the extended filing deadline for 2021 tax returns, it’s time to start getting ready for a successful tax season in 2023.

Let’s talk about three ways you can streamline your tax preparation workflow ahead of time.

How do I organize my clients’ “shoeboxes” faster in 2023?

With most clients bringing in a mixture of digital and print documents for you to wade through, any shortcut is invaluable. 

At GruntWorx, we specialize in that kind of shortcut. Cut out the manual labor of organizing, arranging, and bookmarking of tax documents–with GruntWorx Organize, you can automate these tasks in a snap. No need to organize before scanning, either. Our PDF output is bookmarked in the same order every time, converting scanned documents into searchable PDFs that integrate with your e-filing software (and more!).

Don’t have a high-quality scanner? We have an offer you’ll love to hear about–but more on that later.

How do I decide whether to automate or hire employees?

Why not both? To be more specific, let’s look at the life cycle of your in-season tasks: 

  • Document Gathering

  • Organization and data entry

  • E-filing

  • Document storage

  • Client communication and return delivery

Considering your own practice, which of the above items could an automated system handle? Which ones need a human element?

It’s a good idea to start by looking for automation opportunities, since software is generally less expensive than hiring staff. Going back to our example above, organization and data entry can easily be taken care of by GruntWorx.

Once you’ve applied automation to your workflow, hire staff to fill in the gaps.

How do I help my clients achieve their financial goals?

When your clients win, you win. Touching base with your clients as 2022 draws to a close is valuable for many reasons; you will help them make any late-year financial adjustments (such as charitable giving), establish contact before the busy tax season months begin, and get a sneak peek at clients’ financial situations so you know which documents to look for.

Whether you simply send an email or arrange a meeting, touch base with your clients before the end of the year to set them–and yourself–up for success.

If you schedule a meeting with each client, or even just write an email, it’s a great idea to ask about withholding changes, anticipated life events, and any ideas for earning side income.

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