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3 Tips for Successfully Integrating a Paperless Solution

gwx-452-3-tips-for-successfully-integrating-a-paperless-solution-1Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a member of a large firm, you know there’s still truth in the cliché, “time equals money.” Maximizing efficiency is vital to your tax office’s bottom line, and that’s why everyone keeps looking for the next best workflow tool, but how you use a tool determines how effective it is. One key component to leveraging new systems is finding the best way to implement them. “A Tale of Two Firms: Identifying the Rules for Rolling Out a Successful Paperless Tax Workflow,” follows two top-50 firms that had very different outcomes when adopting GruntWorx. Below are 3 tips for successfully integrating a paperless solution from that case study:

Appoint a “Chief Paperless Officer”

Having someone in leadership become an expert in GruntWorx products provides a two-fold benefit: 1) employees immediately see the company is serious about making the change, and 2) it ensures there is someone who can help train others in the paperless workflow solution.

Implement GruntWorx Incrementally

A phased approach helps the firm smooth the transition. This limits the impact of learning curves and produces teams of resident experts who can help the appointed “champion” teach the next group to adapt to unfamiliar processes.

Make it Mandatory

People are creatures of habit. Once they develop a routine, they’re inclined to stick with it—even if the new routine is more efficient. Unfortunately, this mentality can creep into the office, making it necessary to require employees make the change. Otherwise, they’ll revert back to old habits at the first sign of difficulty. To learn more about successfully implementing tax-automation software in your office, download the case study.

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