Time, Tech and the Bottom Line

The most critical skill for accounting managers is the one they don’t teach you. Here’s a quick primer on the skill of time management.   Read More Download PDF

Automating the Tax Process for Maximum Efficiency Taking a Phased Approach

Ease your way into automating your firm’s tax workflow. By reading this white paper you’ll learn how to: Take a step-by-step approach to integrate automation into your tax workflow Save hours during tax season by eliminating manual tasks, such as Read More Download PDF

Unlocking the Power of Scanning Tax Documents

Improve your firm’s productivity by scanning tax documents before preparation. In this paper, you’ll learn: How scanning and tax document automation work together Tips to choose the right scanner for your workflow How to automatically identify, organize and bookmark scanned Read More Download PDF

Scanner Maintenance 101

There are three pieces of hardware that are important to the workflow and document management systems of a professional tax preparation or accounting firm – an image scanner at the front end, a computer to perform calculations and system management, Read More Download PDF

March Madness! Enhancing Profits to Win the Final Four of Tax Season!

Tax Preparation is the single most profitable engagement a tax or accounting firm can enter for the year. Like the NCAA’s Final Four in basketball, the last four weeks of tax season are “the crunch:” corporate returns fall due, and Read More Download PDF

Creating and Using Tick Marks with Adobe Acrobat in Tax Documents

This white paper provides the five essential techniques for using Adobe® Acrobat® Standard when preparing returns using scanned tax documents. You’ll learn how to: How to use standard Adobe Acrobat tools to add tick marks to scanned tax documents How Read More Download PDF

Withum Smith+Brown: Adopting New Technologies

Withum Smith+Brown’s Partner-in-charge of Firm Technology, James Bourke, and his go-to-technologist Jose Antunes, sat down with the GruntWorx team to talk about the forever-altering impact that some technologies can have on an industry. In this paper, these two trailblazers discuss Read More Download PDF

Five Crucial Best Practices on Your Journey Down the Paperless Trail

The paperless firm is no longer just a concept. It is fast becoming a reality, specifically in relation to the tax process. A traditionally paper-heavy process, firms are implementing technology and procedural improvements to automate and streamline tax workflow and Read More Download PDF

Best Practices for Tax Document Management

Tax preparation firms have firmly embraced document management as a critical part of their workflow. By implementing technology and procedural improvements, firms are able to automate and streamline the workflow in order to realize significant benefits. The most obvious of Read More Download PDF

10 Questions to Ask When Considering Tax Document Automation

Get smarter about evaluating tax document automation solutions. By reading this paper, you’ll: Discover when tax document automation makes sense for your firm Determine scanning accuracy needed to deliver time savings Understand integration with current tax compliance software Additional White Read More Download PDF

Marketing 101 – Tax Preparation Internships

Perhaps the single most important factor in the success of a tax preparation firm is staffing – the right people in the right positions, and with the right level of commitment to excellence in customer service. Staffing is a struggle Read More Download PDF

Five Essential Techniques for Preparing Returns Using Scanned Tax Documents

Preparing and reviewing returns in a paperless tax workflow is easy with a few simple tools and techniques. This white paper provides the five essential techniques for using Adobe® Acrobat® Standard when preparing returns using scanned tax documents. You’ll learn Read More Download PDF

A Tale of Two Firms: Identifying the Rules for Rolling Out a Successful Paperless Tax Workflow

A successful transition to a paperless tax workflow takes planning, dedicated effort, and an educated firm. This detailed comparison of the technology implementation experiences of two real-life firms will show you: Five essential rules to ensure an optimal paperless tax Read More Download PDF

Is Your Firm Ready to go Paperless?

How “ready” are firms to go paperless for tax preparation? We asked nearly 200 randomly-selected firms of all sizes to answer questions on technology infrastructure, workflow, and company culture: three key elements that illustrate a firm’s ability to shift to Read More Download PDF

Avoid the Ripple Effect: Proper Setup for Implementing a Paperless Tax Workflow

Learn valuable tips on how to set up your processes to avoid the dreaded ripple effect and ensure a smooth transition to a paperless tax workflow. Read More Download PDF

Best Practices for Scanning Tax Documents

This document details the best practices for scanning tax documents. You’ll learn which scanner settings provide optimal results, what detracts from quality images, and how to avoid scanning imperfections that can hinder productivity. Read More Download PDF

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