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Need Help Implementing GruntWorx at your Tax Office?

If you’ve been thinking of trying GruntWorx but aren’t sure how to begin, we have the perfect white paper for you.

A Tale of Two Firms: Identifying the Rules for Rolling Out a Successful Paperless Tax Workflow” is a case study of two multiple-location, Top-50 firms—provided noms de guerre “Progressive & Progressive, LLC” and “Old, School & Thinking CPA Group”—that started utilizing GruntWorx in their practices. The catch is that they chose different implementation processes, achieving drastically different results.

P&P took a measured, incremental approach for rolling out GruntWorx services across their entire firm, while OS&T adopted an all-or-nothing method. As you might imagine, P&P’s rollout was less of a shock to their office culture, which meant they continued using GruntWorx after the initial implementation. OS&T, on the other hand, returned to business as usual.

If you’re interested in trying GruntWorx at your tax office and want to avoid the pitfalls that plagued OS&T, then you should take a look at “A Tale of Two Firms.” The practical examples found in the article can help you succeed in adopting a more efficient, paperless workflow. Just click here to visit the white papers download page.

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